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Questions from Voters

Hi Geraldine,Can you please tell me how you describe marriage, a woman/female and a man/male?Your thoughts on the Victorian government’s stand on the mandatory Safe School Program.The education department’s introduction of the mandating of school principals and school counselors must support secondary school children in their desire to transition into LTBQI etc. ideology without needing … Continue Reading Questions from Voters

SBS Radio Interviews

I did an interview with SBS radio at the Dandenong market, with 2 SBS radio hosts and caught up with other lower house Independent candidates as pictured.  Also met and listened to the issues of voluntary community groups like Cheng and her group Cleft Pals Victoria. I hope to follow other marginal seat debates and … Continue Reading SBS Radio Interviews

Campaign Updates

Campaign Update: Latest update 19th May I was glad that  radio abc 774 came to Bruce to host a candidates forum 2 days to a Federal election at the Primary Cafe in Pioneers Park on Peel Street in Berwick on the border of the Bruce and La trobe Elections. The electorate of Bruce has been my … Continue Reading Campaign Updates

How to Elect  Geraldine Gonsalvez for the Victorian Senate as a genuine stand alone Independent.

How to Elect  Geraldine Gonsalvez for the Victorian Senate as a genuine stand alone Independent. I need your support in your No. 1 vote to enable me to get elected to the Federal Senate of Victoria. I stand to serve you as a genuine, ungrouped stand alone Independent. Your No.1 choice of Vote against my … Continue Reading How to Elect  Geraldine Gonsalvez for the Victorian Senate as a genuine stand alone Independent.

Thoughts on the ‘Sign of Disrespect’ – Article Published in the Dandenong Star

My thoughts on the recent article posted in the Dandenong stare here: Click Here to read original article I’m sorry to read about this. Not being on Facebook and with my focus zeroed in on my campaign this escaped me. I live in the immediate neighbourhood and hailing from the family of a service my … Continue Reading Thoughts on the ‘Sign of Disrespect’ – Article Published in the Dandenong Star

Words from Mother Teresa

From Albania to India a legacy of love and from India to the world a legacy of peace.I’d like to share the wisdom of Saint Mother Teresa born Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu in Skopje, Kosovo in Albania  the daughter of Nikollë Bojaxhiu who died in Calcutta in India and gifted the world a legacy of love. Recipient of … Continue Reading Words from Mother Teresa

Never Give Up

No matter what never give up hoping and keep the flame of hope always burning bright in your LIVES. Thank’s every one for your support and your votes. 🌹🙏🏼♥️

Last Day to Vote!

1 days to go till campaign 🗳️ Vote Dandy 2020 comes to a close. So dear residents, family and friends I leave you with three reflections one for for each day and I thank each and everyone of you for your kind support and your votes. ⚖️Should I win I will work tirelessly to Transform … Continue Reading Last Day to Vote!

COVID Question – Star Journal

As Covid-19 restrictions hopefully start to ease, could you please briefly list your ideas on how to reactivate central Dandenong’s business district? Hopefully, If I am elected as the new 2020 Dandenong Ward Councillor the safety and welfare of everyone in the ward and our city will always be my top priority. Any decision that … Continue Reading COVID Question – Star Journal

Vote Easy

What is Vote Easy? Vote Easy is an Australian business made to help educate voters that the only person they can vote for is the person on the ballot paper. “Quickly finding accurate and detailed information on those who wish to represent us is limited, so Vote Easy is a platform where voters can go … Continue Reading Vote Easy

Candidate Questionaire

What is your vision for the municipality of the above Council? (50 words) A Peaceful, Cosmopolitan, Friendly City with a true sense of BELONGING.  A well networked city with quality retail and support for local business investment, job creation and digital high technological innovation. Quality parks, gardens, playgrounds, sport. A COVID SAFE RETURN to Community … Continue Reading Candidate Questionaire

Why Vote for Geraldine?

I have decided to take up the Dandenong challenge because I know the LOCAL issues, challenges and strengths and I stand to Champion Change. I firmly believe: We need a strong Independent local voice to serve and represent you honestly and fairly.  It is in everyone’s interest to keep Local Government local. Councillors should be … Continue Reading Why Vote for Geraldine?


“Geraldine is a long term community activist and advocate, committed to the earliest possible closure of the Lyndhurst Toxic Waste Landfill”President Thelma Wakelin, on behalf of Residents Against Toxic Waste in the South East Inc. RATWISE “I have known Geraldine for many years. She is very honest, dedicated, active, intelligent and well-educated. A    VOTE 1 for her … Continue Reading Testimonials

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