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Questions from Voters

Hi Geraldine,
Can you please tell me how you describe marriage, a woman/female and a man/male?
Your thoughts on the Victorian government’s stand on the mandatory Safe School Program.
The education department’s introduction of the mandating of school principals and school counselors must support secondary school children in their desire to transition into LTBQI etc. ideology without needing parental consent.  
Parental rights. – Voter

Initially, I directed this question to view my policy page but the voter wasn’t satisfied with my reply, so I followed up with the below response because every vote counts and makes a difference.

Dear Voter, 

I am sorry you are not satisfied with my reply. As an ungrouped,  Independent with the whole state as my electorate I’m trying to do the very best I can, with very limited time and resources. I was trying very hard to cover busy pre-polling booths.

I did think in directing you to my website you would have got some idea of the principles underpinning my policies.  

As I have stated quite clearly ‘I advocate respect for all’  As an educator I believe in the equity of access equally for all.  I have also clearly stated that freedom of choice and conscience is very important. These principles form the basis of my policy platform.

Yes, you must vote how you feel. But if you did have a look you would know that I do not condone any type of discrimination. I’ll find discrimination very wrong,  perse. Besides, as documented in my policy platform respect and human rights are the hallmarks that make up and define my policy platform.

Folk who know me personally in my community will have no reason to doubt my credibility in this respect.

But each of us must do as we choose and I  respect your choice and wish you well. 

I’m sorry this disappoints you or fails to please you.

Kind regards 

Geraldine  Gonsalvez.



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