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Candidate Questionaire

What is your vision for the municipality of the above Council? (50 words)

A Peaceful, Cosmopolitan, Friendly City with a true sense of BELONGING.  A well networked city with quality retail and support for local business investment, job creation and digital high technological innovation. Quality parks, gardens, playgrounds, sport. A COVID SAFE RETURN to Community life with free access to protection and treatments.

What expertise or attributes do you have which would help you in undertaking the role of Councillor? (50 words)

An Educator with multiple qualifications [MEd.]. I also have diplomas in Early Childhood, Family Ministry, Conflict Management, Computer Programming, Tourism, Travel, with good networking and chairmanship skills, serving many community organisations in this capacity. I bring expertise, volunteerism, together with empathy as a migrant and grandmother with me to Council. 

Dandenong Town Hall



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