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Income Tax Splitting for Families

Below is a letter written by Stefan Kos a voter in line with my Income Tax Splitting for Family Policy. I thank Stefan for his great support and hope the letter may be published to help inform other voters. Please have a read Stefan’s letter below:

“Dear Editor,

When it comes to Federal election policy platforms and promises, only Geraldine Gonsalvez (independent Senate candidate for Victoria) is committed to changing the way the tax system penalizes families with young children. The current system disadvantages young families unfairly and inequitably when, they are in most need of support.

Geraldine Gonsalvez will lobby to change the tax system to allow couples to split combined income 50/50 for tax purposes.

The major parties have done nothing to promote fairness in the tax system for all families with young children.

Successive federal governments have been tightening family assistance for families, especially those with only one income. The reason to change the taxation system is to give women and families greater work-family choices.

The introduction of income-tax splitting allows the income of the parent in the paid workforce to be split with the part-time worker ( stay at home) parent for tax purposes. This would give the family more after-tax income and allow a real choice in raising young children.

Polling shows that the biggest group of voters who have turned against the Coalition are all suffering from cost-of-living stress – young families in the 35 to 49-year-old bracket. Also, households earning over $150,000 are losing means-tested family allowances. These are parents who want to devote as much time and effort to their family work as to their jobs.


Stefan Kos”



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