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Crisis in Local Hospitals? Question from the local hospital.

“Hi Geraldine

Perhaps you could email me comments on how Fed Gvt can help with solving the crisis in hospital emergency depts? – Starnewsgroup.

My response:

In answer to this question put to me by our local paper – the Star news I’d like to share my response and some of my thoughts which are as follows:-  but considering I do not have any medical experience🤔 my views come as a lay citizen. If elected I will have the opportunity to engage with experts in this field. In the meantime, these are my thoughts and responses to the question posed that I share with you…

“Personally I believe we have to have our emergency outlets funded adequately so that ALL the beds that are available can function with full funded staff, 24 / 7 – 365 days of the year, on medically staffed rotating shifts.

There should be a triage option to make a quick assessment and the not-so-urgent cases must be placed into specially dedicated overnight allocated wards so that the ambulances can be freed for other pick-ups instead of having to form ramped up ques in hospital corridors.

The increased establishment of 24 /7 overnight medical surgeries attached to hospitals, would I believe assist and relieve this overcrowded crisis.

Ambulance calls should be only for an emergency. There needs to be some sort of option that medical staff can attend homes in a nonemergency situation. Just like the police have.

If you don’t need the bells and whistles and you have no other option what are you meant to do? We definitely need more funding allocation for the building of new hospitals especially more isolation hospitals and hospices for infectious diseases and end-of-life cases.

Thank you, Cameron.  

Geraldine  Gonsalvez



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