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South East Metropolitan Region Victoria


If you live in this region and you are enrolled in the SOUTH EAST METROPOLITAN REGION IN VICTORIA and these are your 11 lower house seats or districts. The maps will help you to find out which district you enrolled in to vote.

Click on the dots above to find your district.

Your vote can and will change the future. So please do not waste your chance because the future depends on how you vote today.

How to Cast a Valid Vote to Elect  Geraldine GONSALVEZ to the South East Metropolitan Region.

There are 5 positions to fill in the  South East Metropolitan Region’s upper house. 
There are 2 ways to cast a valid vote for Geraldine GONSALVEZ:

  1. If you choose to vote above the thick black line
    You need to put, your number 1, in the second column in box B above the ‘Health Australia Party’ logo, for your vote to be counted as valid.
    Note: You only need to number 1 box above the line for your vote to be valid.
  2. If you choose to vote below the thick black line you have to mark a minimum of 5 boxes for your vote to be counted as valid.

    You will find my name in the second column in box B.  Vote 1 against GONSALVEZ Geraldine – Health Australia Party & 2 against LUKIS Kate – Health Australia Party and put your numbers 3, 4, and 5 as shown in the example or in any other three boxes of your choice for your vote to be counted and valid.
    Thank you kindly for your support and your vote.🫶

A VOTE 1 for  Geraldine  GONSALVEZ in the SOUTH EAST METROPOLITAN REGION and the Health Australia Party is  A healthy choice.
Why leave the defence of your personal freedom for others to choose – Be in control of your informed consent and your freedom to choose in all decisions. Especially in matters of your personal health and well-being.
Democracy is not a spectator sport.
A Healthy Democracy depends on how you vote.

Help us put a premium on Health in Victoria and the Australian media by exposing and reducing the influence, that vested interests and the wealthy place on the national media. Instead, help us strengthen the national broadcaster and formalise fact checks.

*Embrace a  Healthy  “pollution-free, clean and green,” Environment.  Help us make our environment a major asset, where Australia and Victoria and the South East Metropolitan Region is a safe and unpolluted place, to live, work invest, and visit.
*Support sustainable agriculture.
we will work to enable Eco-tourism to become a significant and continuing income earner in Victoria and Australia.
Respect flora and fauna and protect our endangered species.

*Reform the health bureaucracy. Build a health-creation system, not a disease-management system.
*Remove the heavy-weighted influence of multinational pharmaceutical companies. And leave Health policy and management to medical practitioners and health professionals. Taking the politics out of Health.

*Affordable medicine for all with access to the best of proven natural and pharmaceutical medicine – using evidence
based on unbiased real-world clinical studies and targeted spending to ensure
research funds are applied wisely.

*A Healthy Economy
Ensure that big business, big unions and paperwork burdens, do not
distort the benefits of free enterprise.

Support small businesses

Involve the Government where necessary for the good of the state and country. Genuine
tax reform based on fairness and truth.
No more preferential treatment allowing offshore income diversion.
Fair taxes on the wealthy, encourage the middle to progress and support the disadvantaged.
*Encourage a Healthy Society:
Australians are at heart, caring and compassionate people.
*High-quality, affordable education for all will transform society and eventually eliminate intolerance, racism, disadvantage, and discrimination. Make being “an Australian”
and a Victorian Melburnian  Australian valued at home and around the world.

Quality medicine for all people, with access to the best of proven natural
and pharmaceutical medicine.
*A Functional 24 / 7  accessible properly funded Emergency service must become a reality state-wide.
*Remove the ramping of ambulances and bypass access to local hospital admissions and services by planning and resourcing public demand and need with population numbers.
*Remove the influence of multinational pharmaceutical companies.
*Affordable medicine – using evidence from unbiased real-world clinical research, studies and targeted spending.
*Reform the health bureaucracy. Apply research funds wisely.
*Build a health-creation system, not a disease-management system

Health Australia Party …is …a Healthy Choice
Defending the future of natural medicine and defending the individual right

The Choice is yours for a Healthy Victoria and a Healthy Australia lies with your reach with your No. 1 Vote.

“To be the change you want to see happen you need to vote in change.”
Thank you kindly and looking forward to your support in your No. 1 vote.

Campaign Updates

  • Geraldine Gonsalvez
  • geraldine gonsalvez
  • gerladine gonsalvez

A vote 1 for me against my name and the Health Australia Party is the best possible way to help get me  ‘Geraldine Gonsalvez’, a genuine local who has been a very active resident and who knows this region, its strengths and weaknesses through and through. Heath is our primary focus and will be a priority focus for change. If this happens and I am elected, you will be a part of history, as this has never, ever happened before.

If by chance you do happen to make a mistake on your ballot ticket you can return it to the polling official who issued it to you and you will be given a fresh ballot ticket. 

In answer to queries, it is legal to mark your ballot ticket with a Biro if this is your preference and yes,  you can also take a photo of your vote if you wish to.  

Thanks very much for keeping our Westminster system of Democracy alive and functioning.

I sincerely look forward to your support. I am truly appreciative, and you can be assured I will work to the best of my ability to serve the South East Metropolitan Region with integrity, honesty, reliability and accountability.

Thank you all and God Bless.


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Check if you are enrolled?

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How to fill out ballot papers correctly

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