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Geraldine Marie Antoinette Gonsalvez


Your vote can and will change the future. So please do not waste your chance because the future depends on how you vote today.

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How to Elect  Geraldine Gonsalvez to the Victorian Senate as a Genuine stand alone, Ungrouped Independent.

Dear Victorians, 

I need your No. 1 vote to enable me to get elected to the Federal Senate of Victoria.

As a genuine, stand alone, ungrouped, independent senate candidate I do not have the benefit of riding in, on the coattails of a political party or a group’s quota or its preferences.  I have to win this quota with my own No. 1 votes to secure 1 of the 6 vacancies available for the Victorian Senate.

I say ‘genuine independent’ because I am not a part of any political party or interest group. My interest is to be committed to listening to you and ensuring that your requests are heard and that, ‘you’ and not just the duopoly of political parties or their memberships, get represented in all decisions undertaken in the federal senate. 

Each state is represented by 12 senators, 6 of whom remain in service up until 2025 and 6 who get replaced in this election, creating the vacancy for 6 new senators to be elected for the federal senate of Victoria on May 21, 2022, in the Australian Federal Election.

The Senate ballot ticket is white in colour. 

To vote for me, GONSALVEZ  Geraldine Marie Antoinette’ as your Independent Senator, for Victoria you will need to vote below the thick black line on the white Senate ballot ticket. 

You will not find my name above the line, as it is only listed below the thick black line in the very last column titled ungrouped which is to the right of the Senate ballot ticket in the very last position.  YOU will then need to put your No. 1 in the box next to my name which is the last of the 12 names listed in this last ungrouped column, on the senate ballot ticket.

Basically, the senate ticket stops with my name. It is the very last name, in the last column on the Senate ballot ticket. Easy to find.

For your vote to be valid you then have to proceed to number 11 other boxes. All up, you must number a total of 12 boxes below the line for your vote to be counted and considered valid. If not your vote will be discarded as a nonvalid vote.

You must put the remaining 11 numbers against any other names that are below the line according to your choice or as in the example suggested below. Importantly, please make sure you have numbered a total of 12 boxes from 1 through to 12. This is crucial for your vote to be deemed valid and for it to be counted in the determination of the election of the 6 future senators to be elected to represent and serve Victoria for the next 6 years up to 2028.

A vote 1 for me against my name, which is the last name in the last column on the Senate ballot ticket below the line, is the best possible way to help get me  ‘Geraldine Marie Antoinette Gonsalvez’, a genuine Independent elected to the Federal Senate of Victoria. If this happens and I am elected, you will be a part of history, as this has never, ever happened before.

If by chance you do happen to make a mistake on your Senate ballot ticket you can return it to the polling official who issued it to you and you will be given a fresh Senate ballot ticket. 

In answer to queries, it is legal to mark your ballot ticket with a Biro if this is your preference and yes,  you can also take a photo of your vote if you wish to.  

I will provide opportunities for a few practice samples.

Thanks very much for keeping our Westminster system of Democracy alive. I sincerely look forward to your support for which I am truly appreciative and you can be assured I will work to the best of my ability to serve you with integrity, honesty, and reliability.

Thank you all and God Bless.

Geraldine  Marie Antoinette GONSALVEZ


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