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Involvement in the Local Indian Community

Over the past two decades, there have been many sub-continent events like Independence day, Republic day displays, and events on Indian food, fashion and culture that Geraldine worked voluntarily and tirelessly to make young overseas Indian students feel at home in Melbourne and showcase and share the richness of cultural India in Melbourne. When the torch for the Commonwealth games came through Dandenong Geraldine organised a very colourful welcome with the support of Little India’s retailers showering the torch as it passed through with rose petals the sights and sounds of the sub-continent in Melbourne.

Response to Age Article – The ‘second city’ that disappeared: Dandenong is at a crossroad

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It is a crucial time for Greater Dandenong and the South East metropolitan region locally. The Little India precinct was positioned for a great vision amidst much opposition at the dawn of our millennium by myself who was then the Independent elected Dandenong City Councillor. It was a vision I worked hard to enhance in response to a gap and a need for support within our local community. After leaving the Dandenong Council in mid-2003 it gradually went down from bad to worse and was sadly poorly neglected and subject to political clashes. Now is the time to be at the table to push opportunity for all as its revitalisation agenda has been re-announced and in the Government’s focus. I may not have the resources but I have secured the opportunity to get nominated among the mix of candidates for the 5 vacancies in this upper house region. As I live in this region I would like very much to ensure the dream of Little India’s re-vitalisation becomes a modern reality. This can happen with your support in your No.1 vote

Questionnaire for the Bharat Times

Good Morning Venu Gopal, Thank you for contacting me and best wishes for The Bharat Times News Paper – Jai Hind. This is my busiest week. Given our Emergency 4 COVID 19 Lockdown down reality in Victoria, my campaign rests on my shoulders to a large extent is as all my dear family reside out…

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