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Published Letters

Published Letters

Geraldine is an active voice in the Dandenong Community and has many letters published in local and national newspapers.

A letter to all Catholics from the Victorian Bishops regarding the upcoming State elections.

“The Victorian state election will take place on Saturday, November 26. Labor Premier Daniel Andrews is seeking a third term, while the Liberals leader Matthew Guy is hoping to pick up enough seats to oust the Andrews Government.
The letter to Victoria’s Catholics was released yesterday and is signed by Melbourne Archbishop Peter A Comensoli, Sandhurst Bishop Shane Mackinlay, Ballarat Bishop Paul Bird CSsR and Sale Bishop Greg Bennet. 
The bishops said it was important for voters to carefully and prayerfully discern who best deserves their vote this state election. 
“As Pope Francis outlines in Fratelli Tutti, we are all called to ‘direct society to the pursuit of the common good’, and voting thoughtfully is part of this duty,” the bishops write.
“There is no Catholic political party and no single way that a Catholic should vote. Each of us are called to exercise our conscience, utilise our intellect and draw upon our faith in our decision-making.
“With the state election, it is important that we each carefully and prayerfully discern who best deserves our vote. This discernment may be based on many considerations – the past performance of individuals or parties, the promises of action or of funding to come. Our faith calls us to seek parties and individuals who will enact laws that advance the common good.”
The bishops directed Catholic voters to information to help “navigate these issues of significance” at and asked people to “join with us in praying for the whole community at the time of this State Election, including for those who seek office and their families”.

Enforce new social rules – published in The Age, Sep 2, 2020 – Read full article

Just as spring has sprung we now need the government to re-emerge from the coronavirus lockdown to a new, safe COVID-19 co-existence and social re-engagement.

Compulsory masking when in public, social distancing, hand hygiene, limited numbers of visitors and at outdoor gatherings. These things do not require a stage four lockdown to implement but instead better education, communication and ongoing enforcement to minimise virus transmission. Social responsibility is what is required on the part of everyone and bodies such as WorkSafe need to be more attuned to COVID safe environments in the work place where prevention and monitoring is paramount.
Geraldine Gonsalvez, Dandenong

It is senseless to try erasing our cultural history – Published in The AustralianRead full article

Gone With the Wind depicted the reality of drama set against the backdrop of a bygone era and is a glimpse into a window of a past that has now vastly changed (“Rhett forced to give a damn about racial justice”, 11/6). It does not advocate racism.

To edit the past is to diminish and dismiss history. While the past can’t be changed, it is senseless to vanquish it and erase it because it can help define desired change towards creating a new present and a changed future.

The film was a masterpiece of artistic talent and created jobs for many people of talent and mixed race. It sounds somewhat extreme to pull this classic film from circulation for present and future generations. To lose historical facts to an ill wind of small mindedness is unwise.
Geraldine Gonsalvez, Dandenong

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