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About me – Questions from the Voters

In answer to the questions emailed to me about wanting to know something more about me…

Here is a little bit about me:

I am married to Jude for 40 years I have 7 children and 7 grandchildren with the 8th grandchild on the way expected in September. 

All my children thanks be to God are now young adults, double graduates blessed with paid work and contributing to the economy of this great nation via their tax contributions and work commitments, etc.

I am an educator by profession requalifying all my overseas obtained qualifications as in my teaching degrees for example from the Notre Dame teachers college, having served in a Jesuit college in a teaching capacity for 10 years then requalifying all my overseas obtained degrees here at ACU, ‘The Australian Catholic University in Melbourne, obtaining a diploma of teaching, a grad dip Ed., A Bachelor of Education followed by a Masters degree in Education. I have other qualifications including Leadership in Family ministry from the Catholic archdiocese of Melbourne and other specializations in early childhood including being internationally Montessori trained. Including my qualification as a primary trained teacher.

This is a bit about my background.

I have served in the past as the state president of VPA  the Victorian State Playgroups Association and have been the chairperson of many other communities, heritage, planning, the environmental community, and cultural organizations. Including serving as an Independent elected  City  Councillor for the Dandenong ward in the city of Greater Dandenong.

I am a migrant to this great country and am passionate about preserving our fundamental freedoms, the freedoms that gave me my chance to pursue a career and raise a family in peace and prosperity. 

I want all Australian families to be able to provide the stability of family life and the educational, sporting and musical opportunities we were able to provide for our family. All my policy positions are based on support for and promotion of the family to allow families to do what they do best and are designed – to care for all family members, children, parents, and elderly relatives. The family, if supported by family-friendly economic and social policies is the best welfare system that no government policy or program can equal. The family is the bedrock of society. In the family, the individual is truly known, and cared for, and finds the deepest sense of belonging and identity. It is in the family that true respect for the dignity of each person is to be found.

I hope this answers your questions 

I am asking you to Vote 1 for me:  Geraldine Gonsalvez, as a genuinely independent candidate in the Senate to work for policies that benefit all Australians and are in the best interests of our country/nation.

Thank you. I hope this has given you a better into who I am.



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