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Vote Easy

Vote Easy is an Australian organisation aimed to help voters make a more informed decision at the ballot box –

What is Vote Easy?

Vote Easy is an Australian business made to help educate voters that the only person they can vote for is the person on the ballot paper.

“Quickly finding accurate and detailed information on those who wish to represent us is limited, so Vote Easy is a platform where voters can go to whenever an election is on anywhere in the country, to hear in as much detail about candidates’ opinions and intentions. And while voters feel better informed on which candidate best resonates with them, registered candidates will feel significantly more confident knowing that they are providing voters with genuine information on what they stand for.” – Source Vote Easy

Geraldine’s Vote Easy Profile

Geraldine has recently completed the registration for Vote Easy as a candidate running in the Dandenong Ward. You can view the list of candidates running for the Dandenong Ward and also view Geraldine’s profile below by clicking the button below:



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