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Why Vote for Geraldine?

I have decided to take up the Dandenong challenge because I know the LOCAL issues, challenges and strengths and I stand to Champion Change. I firmly believe: We need a strong Independent local voice to serve and represent you honestly and fairly.

 It is in everyone’s interest to keep Local Government local. Councillors should be answerable and accountable to the ratepayers and local residents and not to any other power base. 

 It is important for women in particular, migrant and ethnic women to have a way forward in being involved in decision making at all levels in our society. I commit to increasing participation by establishing an ethnic/migrant womens’ round table to strengthen valuable contributions to the development of Public policy, youth crime, and the wellbeing of our diverse local community.  

 I want to give residents, maximum value for their rates. I will actively curb waste when it comes to how Greater Dandenong’s rate revenue is spent.

 I will work hard to increase encourage resource & support for Small & Family businesses, local employment and training by creating meaningful local jobs with a real focus on the growth and protection of local labour, Business, Industry, Manufacturing and retail

I Support Fair Trade and Fair work alternatives with scope for new economic structured tax credit incentives for local volunteerism.

I Commit to the principles of clean earth stewardship, I intend to pursue and commit to this reality and initiate the scope for a hazardous waste management policy at a Federal, State & local level.

I Support natural self-sustaining initiatives and energy alternatives including local affordable housing on brownfield sites instead of established residential areas & greenfield sites.

 I will Increase and Improve equity and access to Education and training as a basic human right not an outcome of privilege or circumstance, in a fair and sustainable way

To always uphold & adopt the precautionary principle and duty of care as a top priority.

 YES to improved public funded & owned public transport solutions and connectivitySupport, resource and encourage rehabilitation and develop prevention programs for addictive and disruptive / dangerous and harmful anti – social behaviour.



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