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Campaign Key Points

*Community Rights, not Toxic Profits
*Closing the gap on Corruption Creep.
*Integrity Transparency  and Accountability  
*Recognition of First Nations People in Australian the constitution
*Close gaps that enable an undemocratic process and the creep of corruption 
* Address the cost of everyday living
* Reduce Fuel costs energy costs
*Tax relief change in regulation we need to take control of subsidies 

We need to be at the table to be able to intervene when decisions are forged and taken.

Monopoly and Democracy are like oil and water they do not mix. 

We in the South East Metro seem to have been saddled with the monopoly of incumbency in those representing us for over 2  decades. So with all due respect, we need change and new fresh beginnings and in my view  “THE IDEAL WAY TO VOTE FOR CHANGE IS TO CHANGE YOUR VOTE.”

Consultancy,  consensus, and conversations leading to significant majorities will keep democratic governance alive. Vote 1 for Geraldine GONSALVEZ for fresh new beginnings in the South East Metropolitan Region of Victoria for: INTEGRITY  TRANSPARENCY ACCOUNTABILITY 



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