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Campaign Updates

Campaign Update: Latest update 19th May

I was glad that  radio abc 774 came to Bruce to host a candidates forum 2 days to a Federal election at the Primary Cafe in Pioneers Park on Peel Street in Berwick on the border of the Bruce and La trobe Elections.

The electorate of Bruce has been my heartland home and has  remained so inspite of the  many redistribution changes it has undergone from Corinella to Holt and now Bruce.

It was good to listen to the views of  all the resident voters present  and the issues requiring resolve as well as the presentations made by community group leaders, in how they educate,  inform and communicate the services being rendered by them  and the support they could get to help them stay afloat. 

Robert  spoke about the need for a new return in respect to new COVID-19  plan for retail, small business, and the chamber of commerce in general also the need for the return of Democratic governance in respect to the return of the dismissed Casey Council which Berwick which is a part of the eleccorate of Bruce.  These views were supported by Linda who was also concerned about the resources to keep small business functioning since  the many COVID-19 post lock πŸ” downs experienced in Victoria.

Sunny who incidentally, sported a fuschia coloured Kerchief spoke about the need for a stronger recognition of the multicultural voice and representation and Jasbir Singh shared the countless of free hot meals that the Sikh Community had cooked and had made available to thousands of Victorians during the time of hardships wrought upon thir famlies by COVID-19  and still doing so. This was such a good story shared revealing the good will of a migrant community giving back in their new home country.

Paul also shared the tremendous support that the Men’s Shed program was enabling via their voluntary support efforts.

Listening  to all these conversations  πŸ˜Œ  made me think that here, in just one electorate in the country, residents in Bruce were doing exactly what president JFK had advocated  so many decades ago “Ask not what your country can do for you – Ask what you can do for your country.”πŸ™πŸΌ God rest his good soul. πŸŒΈ
It  made me think of my life which, really since emigrating has been in every sense – Living the word  ‘community’  with others and this was the message that came through  loud and clear.

I felt proud to be a part of such a giving community. And for one who has always been a part of this giving scene in voluteering sectors as a part time  and full time volunteer over the many past  years and decades sometimes  as community chair for a few large – not for profit incorporated community organisations and  also in serving a term as an Independent elected City Councillor within local government in the electorate of Bruce, my heartland home since I came to live here upon emmigrating and coming to call Victoria and Australia  my new home since the 1980’s. 

Well here I am now offering my services again in  the capacity of a possible future Independent senator. I’m a real a genuine Independent voice nominated by a 100 electors. 

If  elected I can bring  a woman’s voice the voice of a  daughher, a sister, a wife, a mum  a grandmother and an educator and family trained leader to the senate and this can go a long way in knowing how better to help required by the folk in our lives because sometimes we women know the issues in the lives of our loved ones and those in our communities and families as in our fathers , sons, brothers, sons in law, partners etc. sometimes even better than them in some instances with regards to mental, emotional, psychological, physical and other issues as often we share these journeys and experiences with them. But  this can only happen with a No. 1 πŸ—³ vote. Because for me to win 1 of the 6 vacancies in the Senate as an ungrouped Independent my name is not above the black line on the Senate ballot ticket so consequently I do not benefit from quotas or preference deals. So it’s a No.1 vote πŸ—³ for me  and a vote from 2 through to 12 for all up12 candidates as shown in my How to Vote sample  below the black line on the senate ballot ticket that can help me win a seat in the 2022 Federal Government for Victoria. 

Thank you one and All for your support and may God bless all of you who have put your hand up to help me tomorrow as a booth helper. Please know that I sincerely appreciate your help.

Thank you and God Bless you and your families.

Geraldine Gonsalvez. 

Campaign Update: Latest update 19th May

All done and dusted after voting. Keeping Democracy Alive in my new adopted home country having been born in the land that’s home to the world’s largest democracy.  Geraldine Gonsalvez.

Campaign Update: Latest update 17th May

All done and dusted after voting. Keeping Democracy Alive in my new adopted home country having been born in the land that’s home to the world’s largest democracy.  Geraldine Gonsalvez.

Campaign Update: Latest update 17th May 2022

Had the opportunity this Saturday the 14th of May to reinforce my support for a post office bank.

Campaign Update: Latest update 17th May 2022

At the entrance of the polling booth took a break from handing out for myself outside the freezing cold wet booth in Studd road in Dandenong yesterday to go in and Vote.

Campaign Update: Latest update 13 May 2022

Last but not least my campaign travels took me to the Nott pub in Notting Hill to a –  God and Beer session to hear Fr. FRANK BRENNAN speak. It was well worth the effort as besides being refreshed with a pint of cold shandy and a meal after a hard all-weather day out at a polling booth it was great to listen to the reasoning of a Jesuit who without a doubt is among the worlds great thinkers and doers.

Keeping you Posted for the Week Ending on Sunday 1st of May 2022.

It is difficult to know, being a stand alone senate candidate where to begin when the whole state is your electorate. So I figured I’d begin this week’s campaign close to my home front in Dandenong by engaging with my immediate local community. The pictures will give you a glimpse into my engagements this past week. I have incorporated the main issues encountered into my policy page which I invite you to read. 

It’s been an eclectic mix of engagements as you can see in the pictures posted. 

The week began with morning teas, chats over cuppas, Parish feast day celebrations, zoom interactions, engagement with faith communities, ANZAC day commemorations, attending marginal seat campaign debates, conducted in Chislom by the ABC’s 774 radio station.  Doing vox pop chats at the  Dandenong Market and in the main street of Dandenong answering the 2 most popular questions as to why I have chosen to run as an Independent and  How folk could support me on the ballot ticket?  People also wanted to know what my policies were on many issues. I have outlined my responses on my policy page. I invite you to have a read and email me your feedback.

I also did an interview with SBS radio at the Dandenong market, with 2 SBS radio hosts and caught up with other lower house Independent candidates as pictured.  Also met and listened to the issues of voluntary community groups like Cheng and her group Cleft pals Victoria. I hope to follow other marginal seat debates and listen to the priorities debated by the 2 prime major party candidates to which  I have included my responses to the interactions had this week on my policy page. 

Please click on the AEC links to find out all you need about how to apply for early voting forms and how you could vote to elect me to one of the 6 senate positions to be filled in Victoria. 

A Big Thank You to all who have come on board and in many respects have gone out of their way to help me in my campaign effort this past week. I am grateful and greatly appreciative of the support I have received.

Geraldine Marie Antoinette Gonsalvez’s Independent Senate For Victoria’s Campaign Update.

Today is Friday the 22nd of April 2022 with exactly one month to go to the 2022 Australian Federal Election. AM update.

The 2022 ballot draw at 12 noon.

When we walked in

I saw pictured on the board among the 12 names of single senate candidates my name topping the list.

Thinking the draw had passed and I had got the first position my heart missed a beat and I leaped for joy thinking I had secured the first position at the ballot draw but that’ was not the case the draw had yet to commence.

I had topped the list because I was the first independent nominee in the state of Victoria.

The first draw done was to roll the dice to give each of our 12  candidate names a number. I even got a gurnsey to give the number cage a spin.

I secured the No. 6 in this first roll of the dice. 

The second roll was then to determine the positioning of our numbers on the senate ballot ticket.  The no.6 which represented me got the 12th. and last position on the ballot ticket. 

So for all those who wish to elect me, it will mean eyes right when looking at the ballot ticket to fine the name GONSALVEZ  Geraldine Marie Antoinette  in the last position to the right of the ballot ticket and put the No.1 next to my name and then number all remaining 11 names with the numbers 2 through to 12. 

All boxes must be numbered below the black dividing line on the white senate ballot ticket for the vote to be valid and for their choice of the No. 1 vote if given to me in the 12th position to be considered valid for me. 

On my way home I dropped in to say a prayer as the Cathedral doors were wide open for patrons and tourists one of whom pictured me whilst walking homeward bound to the Parliament station.

Now that the dice has been rolled. And names positioned on the vote and the ballot tickets being printed as we speak hot off the press … the starting gun’s been fired

and Australia’s 2022 Federal Election has steamrolled out on its way to its new destination

I intend to keep you all posted and invite you to hop on and come on this ride with me.

Bring your ideas and don’t be afraid to jump up on my policy bandwagon so that if this train puffs its way to Canberra you will keep you all posted.



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