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Thoughts on the ‘Sign of Disrespect’ – Article Published in the Dandenong Star

My thoughts on the recent article posted in the Dandenong stare here: Click Here to read original article

I’m sorry to read about this. Not being on Facebook and with my focus zeroed in on my campaign this escaped me.

I live in the immediate neighbourhood and hailing from the family of a service my 92-year-old mother served many decades of her working life as a military nursing officer.

I understand various sentiments can become quite complex but I was not offended, good on him I thought. I noticed it was removed, but knew no detail. I wondered about it and thought it might be political candidate power brokering and politics.

This standoff was probably unnecessary petty and over the top. Contrary to reality if anything it showcased our good old fair dinkum spirit of Aussie mateship if anything that is uniquely characteristic and true to heart to our great southern continent.

The reality is that Afghan men and women and the ADF men and women have in recent years worked side by side on the ground keeping the peace in a troubled land displaced by local civil war scenarios within which ordinary families have faced hardship and displacement.

Dandenong a rare microcosm of peace hardships and resilience where people from all over the world have had a chance to rebuild and regroup and continue as families after fleeing civil wars and other hardships in their countries of origin.
Anyway 1 day to Campaign end and good luck to all my co-candidates

May God Bless us all,

Geraldine Gonsalvez



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