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Policy Think Tank

Geraldine Gonsalvez’s Senator policy think tank. 

Geraldine Marie Antoinette Gonsalvez 

Mission: Truthful Individual Democratic Representation and Governance.

12  Reasons to vote No. 1 for Independent candidate Senate candidate 

Geraldine Marie Antoinette Gonsalvez for the Senate in Victoria in the Federal election on the 21st of May 2022. 

If elected, I position my perceived term as your senator on the platform of the following principles namely:  

Democratic Governance – Distributism – Decentralisation and Disclosure (full public)

Choosing Life – Community capacity building  – Communication, Consultation and Co-operation 

Respect – Representation  – Regulation and Reconciliation. 

Unity – Unilateral stability – unpick or unwind any Unconstitutional / Unlawful law practice or practices   

Zest and Zealous and Zoom in on the finer details when it comes to decision making 

Some of these values have been inspired upon me by my family upbringing and in particular by my dad.

My policy platform priorities are:

1. Jobs = Income = Home Ownership ( Paid work enables Independence and a chance of a decent livelihood). Work rotation, on-site job parenting care options, better-networked transport solutions.  I will work to support and raise the current living standards for all Australians beginning here in Victoria.

2. Boost the re-establishment of the strategic industry to provide an opportunity to create jobs and self-sustaining solutions Australia-wide.  Increase employment opportunities, upskilling, training, and applied to learn. Re-work the whole approach to the casualization of jobs, factoring in proper fair work principles and work-related remuneration.

3. Calls for a new definition and recognition of work and value for the dignity and respect for life perse. The dignity of life begins and ends with the freedom to simply exist. I will support a renewed government-supported workplace accord if required. Equal pay based on qualifications, experience and training.  

4.  Responsible, for ecological stewardship, and clean energy initiatives. Ensure the availability of affordable electricity and fuel costs as well as the development of clean, reliable increased 24/7 baseload energy capacities. Withdefense and natural disaster preparedness and contingency capacities with a focused management, towards an improved efficacy in view of National Security and environmental catastrophic disasters. 

5. Encourage waste-free biodegradable principles. Trim waste and close loopholes where ever possible that enable corruption or corrupt practices. I will endeavour to spearhead the focus for opportunities that will create initiatives for investment from government and private sectors towards increased support for research and development of clean energy sources to drive production, innovation, and reduced emissions within manufacturing agriculture and retail sectors. We can and have to lead energy and lifestyle change into the future from the homefront and beyond. 

6. Human Rights, Freedom of personal choice and conscience, including the right to religious belief, exemptions in the Sex Discrimination Act, and the opportunities for women to be respected and upheld. Including the support for the formation of a federal independent crimes commission, supervised under the jurisdiction of the supreme and high courts of Australia.

Respect and value for parenthood. Restoration of parental rights in view of educational, health and medical decisions for their minor-aged children. As well as ensure their moral and religious formation in accordance with their convictions. 

8. Safeguard children – protect them from accessing online pornography by requiring service providers to block automatic access and the requirement of age verification.

9. Education Vouchers + Family Child Care Vouchers to give families the choice of care including opportunities for active grandparents to access as well. 

10. Drug and gambling prevention initiatives, not only harm minimization strategies. Policies to protect families from the physical, mental, psychological, and economic devastation caused by the use of illicit drugs and gambling habits by a family member.

11. Aged care: Ageing in Place within the family for older Australians wherever possible.

12. Invest in the principles of fair trade practices. Strengthen regulation and accountability to prevent illegal tax evasion and money laundering enterprises in Australia and its territories. Guard all Australians of their fair share of dividends,  sovereign ownership, and equitable distribution of collectively earned taxpayer income in Australia, against illegal schemes via improved regulation and lawful watertight scrutiny.

My commitment to you electors is a guaranteed, independent, straightforward personalized representation ensuring the common good of all becomes the Victorian people’s agenda, which is not dictated by just the duopoly of power groups and their power backed politics but instead a representation of the common good of the all of Victoria and the Commonwealth.

“The future depends on what you do today.” ( Mahatma Gandhi)

The progression of a Nation towards the common good of all Australians will be my priority. I ensure that the Policy statements above, put forward and generated by me will commence and preferably be put to consultation and practice within the duration of my term if elected, with a view to maximize benefit to Victoria and all Australians.

I have put myself forward to enable a broadening of choice on the ballot ticket. My commitment to you, the electors of Victoria, is Representation for all not just exclusively for political party memberships or politics.  

I request you to please avoid wasting your opportunity to vote or your chance to usher in the change,  possibly historic change that you would like to see happen in Victoria and Australia wide with your no. 1 choice of vote in the senate. The Senate may not be where the government is formed but it is crucial to a nation’s democratic governance.

I look forward to your support in your no1 vote. Please remember to support me you need to vote below the line and number 12 boxes for your vote to be valid.

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