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Voting Information

Victoria is the only Australian jurisdiction that still uses Group Voting Tickets (GVTs), a form of party-determined preferences.
Every other Australian jurisdiction has abandoned GVT’s Group Voting Tickets because of the problems they cause.

GVTs were abolished because they led to giant ballot papers, labyrinthine preference deals that were opaque to voters, and the election of candidates representing parties that polled only a tiny percentage of the vote.

For Victorian Legislative Council elections, only a ‘1’ vote counts above the line. Ballot papers with further preferences will still be formal and counted, but only for their first preference. All other above-the-line numbers are ignored.
Voter preferences will be replaced by party tickets in Victoria.

The solution is for Victorians to vote ‘below the line’.   it is the only way for voters to control their between-party preferences.
For a formal BTL ie Below line vote, only five preferences need to be completed. Voters should complete more preferences to make their votes more effective.
If elected to the SE Metropolitan  Upper House I will in my elected term of office commit to –
Reforming Victoria’s Electoral Act and removing GVTs and ensuring that the way votes are counted will change. 
*Abolish Group Voting Tickets to ensure elections to the upper house will be representative and fair.
*Abolish all preference deal games that wrongly contribute to determining the Victorian Legislative Council. 
Reform is necessary and essential to ensure that valid Voter preferences can be counted and replaced by party tickets which just enable candidates representing parties that polled only a tiny percentage of the vote to get elected by leapfrogging others who have polled higher in Victoria. It will stop the election of nonrepresentative candidates.

In this 2022 Victorian state election on Saturday the 26th of November.
All that needs to be done for your vote to be valid and for you to select your own choice of 5 upper house members in the South East Metropolitan Region is for you to number your personal preferred choice of Representatives from 1 to 5 below the line as shown in the example provided.
In this way you
*Abolish Group Voting Tickets and  all preference deal games  that party tickets

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