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Why Vote For Me?


Dear Resident,

I have nominated in good faith to be YOUR New Dandenong Ward Councillor. As an INDEPENDENT I am not controlled or beholden to any Political Party or groups.  Instead, I am committed to representing and listening to you and ensuring that the Council hears and helps you resolve your local problems. I place myself at YOUR service.  

 20 years ago, in 2000 – 2003 I was elected as the Dandenong Ward’s new millennium Councillor. I enjoyed my term very much, it was an exciting time when change happened, heritage was respected and valued and Dandenong was positioned for progress. However things have come full circle and Dandenong, unfortunately, is now listed as one of the most disadvantaged councils in Victoria where unemployment is higher than that of the state. Like you, Dandenong is our home where we have raised our family of 7 children and where my husband of 38 years is still employed and my 92, year-old mum still calls Dandenong home. 

 It is important to feel we BELONG and have equal opportunities to work, do business, educate, upskill and train.  In Dandenong we have the human resource capacity to create local jobs in a self-sustaining way in retail, small, big, agricultural and manufacturing business also in building and construction, using clean energy options. Much is possible for better education, health and living facilities with local goodwill and commitment.

Together with community consultation, we can bring about A FRESH NEW WORKING AGENDA FOR DANDENONG. As a global community, we have the potential and expertise in this city to make this leap from disadvantage to advantage.

 I have the experience, education and networking skills to provide the leadership required to facilitate new beginnings. I’m an educator with multiple qualifications [MEd]. I also have diplomas in Early Childhood, Family Ministry, Conflict Management, Computer Programming, Tourism, Travel with good networking and chairmanship skills, serving many community organisations in this capacity. If elected I will bring to council expertise and volunteerism, together with empathy as a migrant and grandmother and enable a woman’s perspective and inclusion to decisions taken in Council.

My vision for Dandenong is for it to progress to growing as a vibrant Cosmopolitan, culturally rich, peaceful Friendly City, with a true sense of BELONGING. I would like to see the main street well supported with a good spread of cafes, restaurants, boutique shops and places where the residents can experience local culture art and music. A well-networked city with quality retail and support for local business investment, job creation and digital high technological innovation that includes quality parks, gardens, playgrounds and sporting venues. I’d like to assist with A COVID SAFE RETURN to Community Life with free access to protection and treatment. Helping to build a better future for our young very important to me. 

There is only 1 vacancy for 1 Councillor to be elected in this ward.  Your No. 1 VOTE is important to elect me Dandenong’s New Councillor. Hopefully, I can win with your NUMBER 1 VOTE and enable.  A FRESH NEW CHANGED BEGINNING FOR DANDENONG.  Thank You Kindly.  Geraldine Gonsalvez

 Landline: 03 9713 3671 or Mobiles: 0434308977; 0434877730 Email: please leave a message and a contact no as a text or an SMS when you call to allow me to return your call.

Vote 1 for Geraldine Gonsalvez in The Dandenong Ward.

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